The faith of an atheist.


The religion of atheism + evolution is certainly one of the least logical religions available. I’d say the only reason a person would wanna subscribe to such religion is so they wouldn’t have to be held accountable for their actions. It’s easy when you have that belief system to chalk it up and call yourself an animal. .. with no right or wrongs. . Who ever has might is right mentality.

As a believer in God I can be sure that there is one because of my experiences with Him.

But as an atheist you stand in a place if ignorance yet claim to have knowledge of whether there is a God or not.
Being atheist is like saying. . I know that in the whole universe there is no purple rocks with yellow spots. ..
The only way you could have that knowledge is if you were to explore every inch of the galaxy.
And yet this is what atheist do so proudly. .

There is no God.

The only way you could know that statement to be true is if you were in God’s seat looking around and didn’t see a God. But you never will.
At best you can be agnostic.

But I don’t even believe in atheist.

As far combining no God plus life randomly mutating from a single cell out of the primordial soup billions of billions of years ago. With no explanation as to how life even came about. Sounds like complete absurdity. But I guess that’s where your left when you argue against truth.

Atheist get mad at the answer “God has created it”

They reject something that can 100% (which I believe is 100%) be true. Because of why? Pride? Arrogance? Not wanting to be accountable? In love with their sin? What ever the case when you completely reject the notions that a Creator is involved your being closed minded to a option that is very possible. (Not how science should be done, which is one of the reasons science is birthed out of religious world views)

Well, I’m out of time.

So Until next time

I love yall

– Chuck Walker

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