3 Reasons to create a new Facebook.


Alright, let’s switch pace up a little bit.

I been wanting to write a quick post about this subject for some time now.
It’s always hard to find time and remember to write in my blog when I do find it. But basically this will be a post on a few reasons why you should create a new Facebook account.

I know what your thinking. That sounds like a bit much? Like you have to much history on there? To much invested?
I to was forced to come to face with this terrible reality. When Facebook forced me to get a new account.
My old fb amount had thousands of friends tons of pictures I’ve uploaded ect. But when I got saved I pretty much started using my account to debate and spread truth. This brought alot of negative attention. All kinds of negative nasty things people would say and threaten. So naturally I didn’t use my real name on the account. One day I do believe I was reported by a “hater” lol that my account was not my real name. Facebook forced me to send them my I’d or the account would remain frozen. With so many enemies I chose not to proceed with the account and made a new one with my real name. At first I hated it but then I seen the benefits and figured I’d share a few with you.

1.) ● You’ve matured A LOT.

Basically the most important one.
And this can stem from the pages you’ve liked to the post that you’ve made. 2016 a place where getting employed might come down to your Facebook page. Internet wisely my friends. Yeah people change but your past can still haunt you.

2.)● Your “friends list” will actually be full of people you know.

This time around you’re not that ignorant teen accepting every friend request. Adding people for the sake of having a higher “friend count”. The quality of people on my new Facebook is Way superior. Nothing like uploading personal pics of everyone in your family and friends for some creeper stranger lurking in your “friends list”. Getting to know everything about you. There’s freedom in having a smaller circle.

My old page had so many haters ands negative people on it. My news feed was trash every day. My new fb is certainly improved in this area.

3.)● When you making the cut your friends list there won’t be any hard feelings.

Why? Because you didn’t cut em, you simply created a new profile. πŸ˜‰ lol

so until then

I love yall

– Chuck Walker


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