My experience with cognative dissonance.

Ladies and gentlemen,

It has been quite some time since the last time I made a post. But the time is come. I believe from this point on I will try to keep all my controversy from being so Direct on Facebook. This is my attempt.

Approximately December 10th 2017 I was sick at home in bed from work. Unable to get up and do anything I had plenty of time on my hands to look up some things. I seen people talking about “flat earth believers are retarded “. With tons of people chiming in on the conversation. Also having very insulting and negative things to say about Flat Earth believers.

Me being me this sparked my interest, seeing that I believed we had killed this ideal for over hundreds of years. Everybody walks in the kindergarten classroom seeing the globe first thing first day. It’s common knowledge that the Earth is round and spinning around the Sun, right?

So I wanted to learn more about the topic. When studying any subject I like to be fair as far as hearing theories from both sides. Bible says in Proverbs 18:17 the one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him. So naturally I have to examine even what I believe myself, even if I had been heavily indoctrinated with it since a child.

Upon examination I was presented with some facts they really seem to challenge my belief of a spinning globe. It was actually quite troubling to sit and look at and listen and think about such a gigantic falsity that I might believe. It really struck me to my core and actually was the first time that was, where I in fact was experiencing cognitive dissonance.

I really truly believed the globe was spinning 1000 miles per hour while traveling 66700 miles per hour around the Sun. So for me to be actually observing something to be going into direct contradiction to my belief was really troubling. But from all the things that I’ve experienced and witnessed up to this point in my life I was easily able to pass that feeling. Because I am the type of person that is willing to have my belief system change by actual facts.

Over there course of those two days I sit there sick in my bed looking thinking and even recalling things that I had observed previously in life. And it made way too much sense for us to not be living on a spinning globe as we have been told. Now if you the type of person then just believes anyting because you hear someone say “science says” without looking and doing your own research, then all this information might be hard for you to take in. Matter of fact I almost guarantee that you will experience cognitive dissonance for yourself.

For the reason we seem to really want to cling to the idea as if it couldn’t be wrong. Wait a minute I know one really good reason we should know that it’s not wrong. NASA. Didn’t they go to the Moon, and take pictures of the Earth? Because if they did then that will be plenty proof. Show me a picture cuz it’s worth a thousand words. I’ll accept an actual photo as scientific evidence.




Thats me waiting.

Because these people will even admit they can’t get a real photo of the Earth. And you will accept CGI composite imagery of these planets and of the Earth because why? Because they say so that’s why. I’ve literally witness people who would rather believe what someone else says over their own eyes. They would even admit it, saying “I guess you’re smarter than Einstein now?” I wouldn’t even say that but I always say that I trust my eyes. I would say that I have far more technology than he has. Which in a way, makes me way more advanced then Einstein was. But that’s another topic.

I really don’t want to get into all of the proofs right now I just wanted to talk about my experience with cognitive dissonance. Because I feel so strongly and confidently that if you open your mind and actually go look and do your own research you will also come to the same place I’m standing. The only reason I feel that way is because it’s the truth. But at the same time I just wonder if this is a part of the delusion that is happening and that will happen. Because this is certainly a lie on a grand scale.

This once again it goes back to your religion. And it will always go back to your religion, factually every man has one of those. Let me rephrase that every thinking man has one of those. Why? Because the fact is your religion is whatever you think started everything. Whatever you think the reason for life is, will lead you towards your religion.

By definition religion is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as thecreation of a superhuman agency oragencies, usually involving devotional andritual observances, and often containing amoral code governing the conduct ofhuman affairs

But yeah I just wanted to give a brief writing about an issue that forced me to experience cognative dissonance. One that I believe would do the same to you all. Let me know your thoughts. As I will begin putting all muy writings here.

Until then with love.



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