Is the earth flat? Visible evidences to challenge your beliefs. – Part 1

Ah welcome again thinkers and those getting their gears turning. For another post concerning the stationary plane that we live on. This time I have decided to place some video footage for you to view. I do not own the rights to these videos but for educational purposes have decided to use them fairly. My views do not represent the views of the people making the videos, they are solely my views. Thank you for your time. If you feel this informative please like share even comment!

One major monkey wrench in in the heliocentric model is the fact that Polaris is constantly above the North Pole. While they say that the Earth is rotating and revolving around the Sun in amazing speeds. What we really observe is we live on a stationary plane that is being rotated around. It’s almost like we’re the center of the universe. I believe that God made this Earth special. Not like anything else, as scientism (cause science is good) wants to claim that planets are just like Earth. The stars are just like our sun but way way way bigger. And that they’re also in this galaxy revolving two observation perfect with us. But that just seems so far face compared to what we just actually observe with their own eyes with our own telescopes or with our own high-power lenses. So for my first example I have decided to just look up and record and observe what we see. Which is Stars perfectly revolving around us in circles. This is year-round constellations never changing, always been able to see the same Stars doing the same things, and if the Earth was really rotating and wobbling on its axis how in the world is every star in the galaxy lining up perfectly with us rotating with us for whatever reason?

Here this guy does a brief explanation to the lack of gravity. Gravity is a necessity if the earth is actually spinning 1000 mph. Cause otherwise how does large bodies of water or any mass that’s not tide down stick to the earth?

**Here is a simple experiment showing you that it’s not about gravity. It is about density. click on this link to view it!!

Take a tennis ball. Wet it. Spin it. Notice what the water on the ball does. We observe the centrifugal force pulling the water that absorbed into the fabric towards the center of the ball. As the water gathers near the center where the most force is applied, we will notice the water flying off of the ball. But somehow this magical, unproven force called gravity can stop this from occurring to “rotating planets”?

Watch a video of the wet tennis ball spinning by clicking this link.

This is part 1 of several visual evidences that I will put here for the minds who trust their own senses.

Until next time


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