Why you should be King James Version Only.

Welcome brothers and sisters.

As we take this next bit of time to study and to diligently seek out truth I ask that you pray about this subject. Ask God to guide you and to show you if what you are about to read is truth. Just like anything else you might see on this page.

Now lets dive into it.

We’ll go into a couple things here.

1.) Why you should be King James Version Only in 2018 until forever on. . .

2.) Why your preacher definitely needs to be teaching from the KJV.

Firstly to Christians that don’t use the KJV I know are already taking great offense but of your edification I am most concerned for. As we proceed through this topic I will begin to make it more clear as to why I know you have to circle back to the foundations.

I’ll begin by asking you to ask yourself.

How do you view the scriptures?

Do you believe God when He said that He would preserve His Word? Not man will but The Lord God will preserve His Word.

What do you think? Was God able to preserve His pure Words?

Modern day interpretaions

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