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January 10th, 2019

Zion Williamson. “The man up next”

I don’t even know What to say about this guy eexcept Wow. Due to the fact the internet allows us to watch and Keep up with players more easily, I have been a fan of this kid for the last 4 years. Maybe my fandome kept me from seeing but I still don’t understand how they rank RJ above Zion. This guy is a once Generation player. RJ is great don’t get me wrong but his ceiling is No where near Zion’s. Absolutely no dis respect- just What the eye test says. Check these 10 highlights of Zion @ Duke.

Click here to view Zions top 10 college in thisgame dunks to date.


His dunking is elite but he’s been quoted saying he wants to be known as more than just a dunker. His stat line says that he is much more than a “dunker”.

Stats according to ESPN


These freshmen are serious and a force to be noticed. The young team is only getting better. TBH im also a Duke fan since being a young lad. I remember being confronted early about picking a side with the Tar Heel / Duke rivalry. I chose Blue Devil Blue. Been a fan every since so you can imagine My excitement, when I found out of Zions signing to the team.( Even if it is only for 1 year.



Saturday – March 31, 2018

I always loved and respected Ray Allen’s game. Good to him getting the deserved recognition.